build a deck around a 24 foot round pool

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Building a Deck Around a Pool -

If you are looking to build an above ground pool deck, here is the simplest and most cost effective way of building a deck around a pool: Assuming that you have a standard 21 feet diameter above ground pool, the ideal above ground pool deck will feature a wrap around construction which will be connected to a spacious sun deck.

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How to Build a Pool Deck -

build an above ground pool deck. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of this eBook and apply it equally effectively to your pool deck project, read it through completely at least once to

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One is a large rectangular deck around an oval pool (see illustration). All the decking gets installed in the same direction, and the footing and railing installation is the same as for any other rectangular deck, but with angled sections that go around the pool's curves.

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We recommend building the pool deck directly under the lip of the pool edge. It is best to set a series of segmented beams and footings about 2' from the edge of the pool to support around the curved sides.

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Cost to Build an Above Ground Swimming Pool - Estimates ...

The typical 19' diameter round (283 sq.ft. of water surface area) above-ground pool will typically cost around $13 per square foot when purchased as a kit-package of material. Adding all labor and typical extra features will raise that cost to around $29 per square foot.

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Decks & Pools - Tips to Building a Deck around your Pool ...

Why You Need a Deck Around Your Pool Above-ground pools are great low-cost, low-maintenance, and easy to set up with a few friends on a long weekend. The larger pools of this variety are big enough to actually swim in, so adults as well as kids can enjoy them.

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How to Build a Deck Around a Pool | Hunker

Measure your pool area. Measure the area around your pool, being certain to include how wide you want your deck to be. Decide if you want a landing area that is big enough to sit and relax on or just an area to enter and exit the pool.

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How to build a deck around an above ground pool - Quora

When you build a deck around an above-ground pool, you instantly increase the value, attractiveness and functionality of your recreational investment. This article will guide you through the steps of building a rectangular deck around a round pool.

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Above Ground Pool Deck - Welcome to Trouble Free Pool

I am building a splash deck this spring as well...I am going to do as Pool Mom has boards will be level with the deck...However, I am building a 12 by 12 deck...that seems about standard...My pool is 24 foot round.

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