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2018 Laminate Flooring Installation Costs Avg. Prices ...

The average cost per square foot of a laminate floor is about $1 where the price per square foot of hardwood ranges from $5 - $8. The installation and material cost of installing a laminate floor is about $3,300 which is much different than the $4,500 average cost to install hardwood.

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Cost of Laminate Flooring - Estimate Materials & Install ...

In an average kitchen that is 200 square feet in size, installing laminate flooring typically costs $820-$1,800. What this price does not include: Removal of your existing flooring, re-installing baseboard trim, vapor barrier, trim moldings, moving furniture; these come with additional costs.

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Wood Laminate Install Cost Per Sq Ft ? - Flooring ...

Re: Wood Laminate Install Cost Per Sq Ft ? My subs charge me $2.50 to $3.25 a square foot. Depends on layout, new construction, remodal, etc. $1.50 lf for removing and replacing wood trim.

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Laminate flooring installation cost -

By default, laminate flooring installation cost calculator estimates labor charges to install 7 mm thick x 7-3/4” wide x 50-5/8” long laminate flooring planks in two bedrooms, hallway and living room. Basic laminate flooring installation over already prepared and leveled subfloor was taken into account while estimating labor fees.

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How to Compute the Cost of Installing Laminate Flooring ...

The cost to install laminate depends on the quality of the product, the condition of the existing floor and whether you hire a professional installer. Laminate Needs The good thing about a box of laminate planks is that square foot coverage, per-box, appears on the label.

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What Does It Cost To Install Laminate Flooring? | Angie's List

Laminate flooring materials can be measured in square footage for each room to get an idea of the total area that will need work to be done. When determining the cost to install this type of flooring, there are many factors to consider. Most people tend to confuse hardwood floors with laminate flooring.

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