PVC Yatch Deck Project in Russia

pvc yatch deck project in Russia

PVC Synthetic Teak Boat Decking

Size: 190mm x 5mm, 50mm x 5mm
Color: teak with black lines
Project time: June, 2017
Location: Vlaivostok, Russia

Mr. Виктор Королев is a professional boat and yacht builder in Russia who is highly skilled in installation of the boat decking. He used proper tools and glue to make the perfect welding and assembly of our deck material and make this credible project. The 190mm x 5mm deck and 50x5mm edge strips are designed by Mr. Виктор Королев to make a template first, then all the templates are glued together onto the boat to serve as flooring. The final flooring is now used totally outdoor, exposed to sun and rain, and it works well in outdoor environment.

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